About me

Greetings! My name is Yinan Feng, and my roots trace back to the vibrant city of Nanyang, situated in the central part of China. Here, as a child, the world unfurled before me in its myriad shades. As a child, I enjoyed watching BBC Nature documentaries on TV, with ‘Planet Earth’ being my favorite. The more I delved into the natural world, the more I realized that it wasn’t merely about me discovering nature’s splendor but rather nature unveiling its magnificence to me. This gradual journey of understanding, discovering, and falling in love with the nature wasn’t an overnight epiphany but a transformative process.

In 2014, my academic pursuit took a formidable shape when I entered the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Liaoning University of Technology (LUT). My passion for the field then led me across the seas to Ohio State University (OSU), where I specialized in environmental remote sensing under Dr. Zhao’s guidance.

One of the defining moments in my academic trajectory was my internship at the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Environmental Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGNRR, CAS). It wasn’t just another feather in my cap, but my first solo flight in the world of research. From conceptualizing a project to methodically crafting a manuscript, this experience shaped my understanding of research intricacies. It taught me the art of capturing research highlights and crafting a compelling narrative. My quest for knowledge is insatiable. I am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Tennessee, dedicating my research efforts under the mentorship of Dr. Wu.

I’ve been fortunate to be nurtured by diverse cultures, first in China and now in the US. My travels, often during school holidays, have taken me to various corners of China, deepening my appreciation for its rich tapestry of cultures and further fueling my love for nature.

Outside of academia, I am a beginner in piano, skiing, street dance, and cooking. I love Big Band Jazz music.

My favorite singers: Lana Del Rey, Sam Cooke and Paloma Faith.

And bands: Queen, Coldplay

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